Discover the secret allowing thousands to ski longer…

All keen skiers want to spend maximum time on the hill, but it can be hard on your body. That’s where Ski-Mojo comes in. It’s a kind of exoskeleton with knee supports and powerful springs, which take the strain off your legs, reduce hip or knee pain and provide extra power to your turns. Described as ‘power assisted skiing’, it’s been redesigned this season to make it easier to fit to your ski boots. Former GB skier Ashley Kay describes Ski-Mojo as a ‘life-changing’ bit of kit for people with muscular problems. “They find they can ski much, much longer with it on. The Ski-Mojo can also help off-piste too, as it gives skiers super powered thighs.”

– Powerful springs

– Improves posture

– Shock absorbers for knees

Find Ski-Mojo this winter (RRP £390) at:

Twinner Ski One in Tignes Val Claret

Nature Esthetique in Les Arcs 1800

+44(0)7786 753267