Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 01.03.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
A mixed bag today. I had agreed to meet some mates in La Daille, which was a bit challenging due to the lack of lifts initially, so having checked with the pisteurs that the links would open eventually I was first down Creux. The snow was not light by that time, I suspect the winds and the temperatures had played their part in settling it. I suspect the snow was lighter higher up (maybe), but visibility was a problem. Having found said mates we skied around Bellvarde. The sun then came out which also brought out the hordes. The snow on piste soon mogulled up, in fact Face de Bellvarde was back to frozen slush in places as the snow piled up. The road between Val and Le Fornet had to close because of ice for a while. Odd moment of the day was a mouse appearing on the piste between the bottom of Carpe Diem and Marmottes chair. It seemed intent on heading for the lift queue, I hope he made it. The patches of sun vanished at about 2pm. It is now snowing again and the visibility is poor. There will be some great pistes tomorrow depending on when they are pisted and how hard the snow falls. Off piste will have many dangers with the temperature rise, the wind and the new snow.The snow will continue through the night and the winds will calm. Another busy morning for the pisteurs. The snow will continue to fall through the morning but the intensity will drop and by late afternoon we may see the sun, just as the lifts close. It will be a couple of degrees warmer than today, meaning the snow line will gradually come uphill to 1700m in the afternoon. Expect slushy snow sticking to the goggles by mid morning at the levels of the main villages. Friday will be warmer again, the sky will be obscured in the morning by a veil of high cloud, but the sun will appear in the afternoon as will high winds after lunch, keep an eye on the links for your last runs!! Saturday is going to be a real mixed bag, high winds and heavy snow showers, but only above 1700m, below that it will be rain, which should make it easier on the transfer jams, expect the snow chain police to be out near the Dam. After dark it will snow down to 1000m. Sunday and beyond is all a bit unpredictable, but unsettled would be the one word I would use. Between now and Monday there will be at least another foot of snow (to be old fashioned!).

Happy St David’s Day by the way!!

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