Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 16.12.16

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike

The high level cloud this morning was the thinnest of layers, the sun was still bright and there was little wind. This meant that as the church clock struck twelve we have had 3 weeks of sunshine broken only by very thin clouds on some days – wow! Navigation was a bit trick today as La Daille was virtually shut for the Ladies World Cup event and they closed Marmottes chair over the race course. I suppose a glove in the face doing 75mph would put you off your perfect carve! In general, the pistes around Tignes and Val D’Isere are getting harder and you do have to put some effort into the technique. But as you can now get down to all the villages we should count ourselves lucky at the top of the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or the D902 as the French call the road!

The weather tomorrow will be identical to today with a light breeze picking up in the afternoons. Sunday will be identical to Saturday and guess what, so will Monday. There may be a few more clouds on Tuesday, some may even touch the peaks. Wednesday and Thursday will be quite a bit cooler and there may be a bit more breeze, one or two of the clouds may provide a flocon or two. It will certainly look and feel a lot more like winter by Thursday. After that we are looking at much more unsettled weather and at sometime between the 24th and 26th a front should pass over us giving snow. Some of the apps are getting quite excitable about amounts of snow and this will chop and change as the passage of the front becomes more predictable.

I have just looked at the airport forecasts for tomorrow- Crikey! It looks dreary in the UK. Of course this will make it all the better when you get here! There is a chance of mist or fog virtually anywhere in England, actually saying which airports could suffer delays is a matter of probabilities, but Stansted looks about the most prone, followed by Gatwick. Over here, Geneva and Grenoble are just fine. There is a slim chance or early mist at Chambery, which if it transpires, may lead to the odd delay. There is a good chance of fog at Lyon, but with 2 runways and the latest kit, it is the best equipped of the 4 to deal with fog, so not too much of a problem.

The Savoie authorities are forecasting 22000 vehicles coming towards the resorts tomorrow, this is pretty low (a low season Jan week would be 17000, a manic February Saturday would be 37000) so there may be the odd traffic jam but nothing too serious. I imagine it is quite low because of the unusual nature of transfers this holiday period and the lack of snow in lower resorts.


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