Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 28.03.18

The villages of Tignes and Val D’Isere received another 15cm of fresh snow overnight, 25cm on the Grand Motte. There were a few sunny spells this morning but most of the resort has been sat in hill fog all day. Anyone for Lindisfarne:

The fog in the Teens is all mine all mine (I’ll get my coat).

It was also very warm – the snow on my balcony was like porridge and melted quickly and the few people I watched off piste were going pretty much in straight lines, it looked very heavy up to 2600m. So I did not feel too bad sitting in a 2 hour AGM for my building! There may have been some light snow at altitude but it was quite windy up there – a frustrating day I suspect. It started snowing on and off around lunchtime but nothing of any significance. The imageshows a typical view of today.

There is a little more consensus on the weather over the next few days. The intermittent snow will continue tonight but it will barely fall to zero degs in the villages so a damp night. Hopefully we will see the sun after lunch tomorrow, there will be a few clouds around, it will still be just above freezing in the villages all day. Friday morning would appear to be OK but it will be windy at height, so maybe not a last day trip up the Grande Motte, a few snow showers in the afternoon. Saturday will be much cooler and cloudy all day. It looks like we will get only light snow showers but it will be snow quite a long way down the hill, so snow chains are looking likely for those arriving in the evening. Sunday is quite a long way off in weather terms, but fast moving snow showers and sunny periods is the best bet.