Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 25.03.18

Well there was a distinct air of spring today in Tignes and Val D’Isere. The sky was ever so slightly hazy but that burnt away leaving a strong sun. However, it is still cold at night so the pistes that soften in the day are quite hard. However, it is not yet warm enough to cause slush through the main areas of the resort. The local councils are now warning people to knock off icicles and check that basement pumps are working to avoid flooding. They must have been listening to ELO:

Melting in the sun, sun
Starts to shine, shine
Then suddenly it’s gone
Melting in the sun

We had an expedition through Val D’Isere to Col Pers today and down through the Gorges du Malpasset. Out of the sun there is still some soft snow (even untracked if you traverse far enough), but the main route down is like a piste now as everybody ‘bags’ the Gorges before it is too dangerous with avalanches from above. The photo was taken below Pointe Pers.

Nice turns!

The weather patterns over the next few days are a bit indistinct. That’s a posh way of saying that this forecast may change a bit or even be wrong! There will be some cloud tonight but tomorrow looks like starting with some sunny periods. The cloud will build up through the day and it may be thick enough to let loose a few flocons in the afternoon. The air will be warmer than today so in any sun it will feel quite warm. Tuesday will be cloudy and it will be snowing all day, light at first and then heavier. The wind will also pick up in the afternoon, causing high lifts to close. During the day it might be a bit sleety in Brevieres. Wednesday will be even windier and it looks like snow all day – a good day to have the AGM your building!! Again the rain snow line will be between the Dam and Brevieres. Thursday is still up for discussion, but probably sunny periods with some cloud.