Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 30.01.16

Overnight the weather fronts decided to slow down which was good news for us as the significant cloud didn’t arrive till about 3 o’clock. The down side was the wind didn’t arrive to clear the fog at Chambery which meant a lot of hanging around in the UK for some and a trip to Lyon for at least one bunch of jollidaymakers. However, those on the overnight Eurostar had a more frustrating time I think after a trespass incident in the tunnel. At least extra buses were laid on from Bourg when they finally arrived.

After yesterday’s temperatures had softened the snow, the frost overnight hardened it so there was quite a bit of slipping and sliding round Tignes’ Grattalu and especially down to Val d’sere’s La Daille which is becoming quite slick. However, the slopes in the sun soon yielded as we watched the darkness approach. However, the lift companies in both resorts have declared Spring and most of the lifts are now open for 15 or 30 minutes longer, but do check before you have that last one in the Grand Marnier bar if you’re skiing back to Tignes!

The weather pattern is in constant flux so tomorrow is very difficult to call with variations in wind direction and speed, together with the wide variation in temperatures. So having made my excuses I’ll have a go: The cloud will progressively thicken this evening and the snow will start around 8pm. Initially the snow level will be around 1300m, but this will rise through the night and Sunday to 1600m by lift opening and 2300m by bedtime. The winds will pick up during the day and be quite variable – I would stay close to home just in case they do arrive early. Overall, the amount of snow will probably top my estimate of yesterday (20cm), but of course this will vary from top to bottom as it turns to rain. This all means a complicated picture for the snow pack so the official risk for tomorrow is 4 – HIGH – so take care. This applies down to the lowest levels as the rain makes the snow pack heavy.

Monday is going to be odd as it may be raining above Tignes if you get up for an early breakfast, and the winds will drop through the morning – so a delayed start for some lifts as much blasting takes place. But then the sun will come out and it will be positively balmy with a freezing level at 3900m. Tuesday will start with a veil of cloud which will clear and again it will feel warm. Wednesday will be a mixture of sunshine and showers, mercifully the snow level will drop below Tignes Les Brevieres by the afternoon. Thursday looks like being sunny but windy and cold – more like winter again!

Travelling tomorrow should be much easier – the UK will be a bit bumpy and there is a good chance of a shower at most of the UK airports. Over here the winds down the valley will not be too bad – there is a chance of a shower anywhere – but nothing to curtail flying as it stands.