ECSUS Design (Ecological & Sustainable Design Solutions) offer architectural services specialising in Kingspan TEK. They can assist with all your architectural needs:

– Design & Planning: Initial concept, adaptation of existing plans and full planning permission drawings.

– Project Management: Product delivery and installation through to a fully managed project.

– Consultancy: Architectural consultancy regarding the design and construction of SIPs panels.

Kingspan TEK are next generation Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) that create energy efficient, eco-friendly, affordable homes that work within challenging environments specialising in ski chalet design.

6 X STRONGER THAN TIMBER FRAME                                                       DECENNALE INSURANCE

LOWER RUNNING COSTS                                                                                LIFETIME WARRANTY

LOWER CONSTRUCTION COSTS                                                                    FASTER CONSTRUCTION

FLEXIBLE DESIGN & FINISH                                                                          ATE & BBA CERTIFIED

ECSUS have offices in the UK, French Alps and SW France.

Build Your Own Ski Chalet

Building your own property in the Alps, if you can find a plot of land to buy is a win/win – you can get exactly the house you want to your own specifications for the same price or less than an existing chalet, and as it will be built to the highest eco standards you’ll save on bills far into the future too.

Even if you’ve had no previous experience of building, this option can be for you. Steven Downs, of ECSUS Design architects, has renovated and built property all over the Alps – from fully managed projects to helping eager self-builders. He specialises in building ski chalets with Kingspan TEK – highly energy efficient SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) that are precision cut off-site and can be assembled on-site within 3 weeks.

He says: “Building your own home can be incredibly rewarding. Start with your wish list and we can scale it to your budget and level of involvement from there. Making the most of views, location and ease of access should be your initial concerns. Negotiate purchase of the land on the condition that full planning permission is obtained prior to completion.” ECSUS offer a free initial consultation – visit their website

ECSUS Design
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