Plans Advance for Indoor Skiing & Surfing Project in Tignes

Ski-Line is the ambitious project that will bring year round skiing to Tignes via a covered slope in Val Claret, as well as a standing wave for indoor surfing. Read more about the project by clicking here. The project gained initial approval in December 2016, and this April plans have advanced with the release of new architectural drawings.


The new drawings focus on integrating the structure of the building into the natural landscape of Tignes. The plans were released during a presentation made on Friday 21st April at a public review of the project.



The image on the left demonstrates how the new plans would further integrate the structure into the natural environment. The idea is that Ski-Line will compliment the existing ski area. The image on the right was included in the project proposal release in December 2016.

The project has met with opposition from residents and locals. Some have concerns that Ski-Line will become a huge financial burden on the town, and others consider the project “unnatural” and too far removed from “the beautiful landscape, the mountains, the environment” of Tignes. Read more here.

Further stages of planning, including the construction budget, are yet to be finalised. Building is due to commence in 2019.

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