Charity Takara Token Rally

Edge Magazine and The Marmot Arms present The Charity Takara Token Rally, BBQ and Raffle this Wednesday 19th April 2017. We’re raising funds for Edge Magazine’s chosen charity Disability Snowsport UK and Amicale Des Pistes De Tignes (the Tignes Pisteurs).

The day will be roughly split into two parts. The first will be a Tignes Val D’Isere wide “Takara Token Rally”  from 11am until 4pm (more on this in a moment..) and the second will be an après BBQ, charity raffle and the prize giving for the afternoon’s event, all at The Marmot Arms between 4pm and 6pm.


  • 11.00am- Meet at Marmot Arms for Welcome Pint, “Tech Check”, and Bacon Roll.
  • Midday- Takara Token Rally- teams set off.
  • 4pm- Teams return to Marmot Arms. Check in with Vanessa.
  • Après with Lindo in da Window. BBQ (with part of the proceeds donated to our charities).
  • 6pm- Raffle and prize giving.
The Charity Takara Token Rally

Takara tokens are digital tokens that can be collected using a mobile phone (ios 9 / android 5 or more recent). We have teamed up with Proof Of Visit‘s Steve Douglas, and together have dropped over 100 tokens all over the ski area and resort villages. Once you have downloaded the necessary App (more on this later…) you can see where they are.

The idea of the Takara Token Rally is that teams of minimum 3 people will travel around the ski area collecting as many tokens as they can. Tokens=Points and  at the end of the day, the team with the most points will win the 200€. There is a 5€ entry fee per person, and this will get you a welcome pint and a raffle ticket as well as your place in the competition.

The Technical Bit

In order to play each team will need ONE device between them onto which they have downloaded the following two Apps- Takara and IndieSquare. Both are free to download, and will take no more than 15 minutes to install. (make sure your location services are turned on).

Takara is the digital treasure hunting app (bitcoin geocaching app actually!) and will provide you with the map for you to go out Takara token hunting with.

IndieSquare is the digital wallet into which you can save and store your collected tokens.

Once Takara is downloaded you will be able to see Takara tokens (plus all sorts of other digital wonders) that have been dropped around the globe. Tap near the top left of your screen where it says “Bitcoin”, and then select “All” from the drop-down menu. Now, if you find Tignes and Val D’Isere on the map you will be able to see the Takara tokens that have already been dropped for this game. It is most clear if you go to settings and select the satellite image map.

Marmot Edge
The backwards E Takara tokens are ones that we have dropped for this game.

(Think of it as digital orienteering. Or Pokemon Go only less annoying). Takara is straight forward to download, click here for more info.

Click here for a detailed FAQ and set up guide for IndieSquare,  put together by Steve Douglas, our Tech Guru, and creator of Proof Of Visit.

Once you have downloaded both Apps you will need to link them. Open Takara and hit the menu icon at the top left of the screen. You will need to have set up a username in Takara. If you haven’t already done this, type one in now. Tap the IndieSquare icon, and follow the prompts, including entering your four digit IndieSquare passcode. Once they are linked hit the at the top right and you will be taken back to your Takara, which is now linked to your Indiesquare. You are ready to go!

More info on Takara Tokens

  • There are 8 locations around resort where there is one Takara TEAM token available per team. Each team will be given a password on the day that will correspond to a token with their team number on it. (see picture below). TEAM tokens carry an Edge Magazine “E” logo.


  • You will be told your team number the morning of the event, and you will be looking only for TEAM tokens with your corresponding team number on it. (eg, team 5- above middle, team 8- above right). Your password is the same for each of these TEAM tokens.
  • Once you are in the vicinity of your TEAM token there will be a prompt for you to enter your password. Hit the green “pick up” button and enter your password.
  • Once you’ve collected there will be a notification saying “Congratulations” and the token will be sent to your indieSquare wallet. **Don’t panic if you can’t see your collected token in your indieSquare wallet straight away. Sometimes it takes a little time for it to show up. We will be able to see in our GamesMaster system who has picked up what as it happens.**
  • There are two “fountains” which are single locations that will dispense one token per team. There is no password to enter at either fountain. These token fountains will carry a DSUK logo.
  • There are bonus tokens that can only be collected when a team works out or “wins” the password. Each bonus token is an individual token. Once it’s won no other team can win it. Some of these tokens will have a question that you need to answer, others you must win a challenge and you will be given the password. These bonus tokens will carry the Pisteurs logo, the Planks logo or TC’s logo. Details on this will be released the morning of the event.
  • To collect a Takara token you need to be near enough to it. Once you are within the correct distance of it the green “pick up” button will become available and when you hit this you will either collect your token or you will be prompted to provide a password.
  • Takara tokens can also be given to you. There will be one token per team that you will need to have gifted to you by our designated Takara token gifter. His/her name will be released to you on Wednesday morning, and then it will be up to you to find them and convince them to give you one of their tokens!



  • Takara TEAM tokens are worth 1 point each, and a bonus 10 points if you collect all 8.
  • Fountain tokens are worth 5 points each, but only one is allowed per fountain per team.  (So get one from each fountain). If a team collects more than one token from the same fountain they will lose 5 points!
  • Bonus tokens are worth 3 points.
  • Whole team photo at each fountain, 1 point. The location must be made obvious in the photo! Best team photo at each fountain extra 5 points.
  • Extra points can be earned by snapping a whole team shot having a demi (or similar) along the way. Half a point per whole team photo per bar/establishment. Most imaginative one of the day wins 5 points.


  • Only ONE token collecting device (phone) per team.
  • All teams MUST collect both fountain tokens.
  • Compulsory whole team photo at each of the token “fountain” locations.
  • Any team collecting more than one token per fountain will lose points.
  • Optional whole team photo all together drinking a demi (or similar) will win 0.5 bonus point per venue visited between 12 and 4pm on the day. Each photo must clearly show which bar/cafe you are at as well as your whole team. The most imaginative photo in this category wins 5 points.
  • Takara collecting ends at 4pm when teams meet back at The Marmot Arms for beers, BBQ and a bit of Lindo in Da Window.

Here is a link to the Proof of Visit “Marmot Arms to the Edge of Tignes Charity event” outline with a more succinct explanation of how it works for the tech savvy among you…

The Raffle

At some point between 4 and 6pm we will hold the Charity Raffle. Tickets are available from The Marmot Arms throughout the day.  Prizes for have been generously donated by a range of local businesses, and all proceeds will be split between our two charities.

Special thanks to The Langley 2100 Hotel who have generously donated a 5 day B&B stay for 2 at their Tignes hotel this Summer as a prize.

Huge thanks to TC’s Bar, Burnt Custard, Couloir Clothing, Tignes Spirit, Planks Clothing and Coffee, Bleubird Apparel, Club Med Tignes, Taylor’s TherapiesLabo Shop and SoBar for supporting this event by generously donating prizes.




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