“Le Coin De Val” Development Plans Given The Go Ahead

The ambitious €200 million development plan, Le Coin De Val, has been given the go ahead by regional authorities, and work will begin in September 2017.

Le Coin De Val is a giant redevelopment project that will revolutionise the heart of Val D’Isere, adding 900 extra guest beds in two luxury hotels and two residences right in the centre of the village. The development will cover 22000 square metres and will also host shops, chalets, a creche, restaurants, a covered bus station and even a piste and underground moving walkway connecting the centre of the town to the snow front. Read more about the details of this project in a previous Edge article “New Development Plans For Val D’Isere Town Centre”.

This will be the largest and most ambitious development project seen in the French Alps over the last 20 years, and will serve to further boost Val D’Isere’s claim as Europe’s top ski destination. “The prospect of around 100 new private homes in prime locations in the very centre of such a world-class resort is unprecedented.” Commented the Val D’Isere tourist office. “More than 60% of Val’s clientele is English-speaking and keen interest is expected from potential British buyers, as well as from other international guests.” Despite tourist numbers in French ski resorts falling over the last 10 years, Val D’Isere remains a popular option due to it’s guaranteed snow cover from November to May, and visitor numbers here have actually increased.

Efforts have been put into place by local architect Jean-Charles Covarel and Val D’Isere Town Hall (the partnership leading the project) to ensure the development stays sympathetic in design to the original features and existing architecture of Val D’Isere town. Respect for the environment is paramount to the development and will be achieved using the latest in environmentally conscious construction, including “smart systems designed to minimise energy consumption. Notably rainwater and snowmelt are employed in the buildings’ sanitation system and geothermal energy is harnessed to heat the hotel rooms and apartments.”

The project will take 5 years to complete, and phase one of the development will begin in September 2017 with asbestos removal and demolition of public buildings.

For more details on the proposed timeline of the building work click here, or ask at Val D’Isere tourist information.

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