Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 09.03.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike


How warm? When I woke to the sound of drips on the velux at 7.30 this morning, I knew the temperature must be up but I hadn’t realised by how much. The road was awash as I walked down to the lifts. Compounded by rain showers in the middle of the night, the off piste snow has completely settled. There is some spring like snow around but the rest of it was not easily skiable. Not many off piste skiers today. The pistes are also soft, and were scuffing up a little. The avalanche work did go ahead in La Combe de La Davie, they did trigger a largish avalanche with one of the 7 blasts, but nothing too dramatic. So we missed our ace photo but the road opened an hour and a half early. However, yesterday the pisteurs in Tignes alone triggered 150 avalanches. Here is a photo of the Chardonnay bowl after what appears to have been a pretty huge slide. The debris was carried about 20m further than the Grand Huit chairlift. Wow.




The resorts progressively opened today, so the large queues did diminish. We made it up the Grand Motte Funiculaire, there is still a lot of work to dig out the terrace and to get Leisses and the Cable Car going.The weather just cannot make its mind up at the moment as the Atlantic charts are a bit chaotic so anything beyond Saturday you can take with a pinch of salt! But tomorrow will be sunny bar the odd bit of cloud flitting about in the strongish winds at altitude, the highest lifts may be closed, temperatures will be similar to today. The pistes may be a bit crisp first thing but they will soon soften. Saturday will be warmer still, the freezing level will be above the top of the Grand Motte all night so expect soft snow and bikinis on the terrace in the warm sun that will bathe Tignes and Val D’Isere all day. Sunday will be warm with sunny periods and maybe some showers towards the end of the afternoon, on the other hand they could start earlier! Monday currently looks like a day of light showers with a snow level somewhere near 2000m. Tuesday will be similar but the showers will be less frequent, if they appear at all. It should cool down a bit towards the end of next week, thankfully!

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