Superhero Sighting in Tignes!!

There have been numerous sightings of a red lycra clad snowboarding superhero in and around the mountain ski resort town of Tignes. I can officially confirm that the superhero in question is none other than FLASH, the incredible snowboarding pizza delivery dude from TUMMY gourmet restaurant. Tired? Hungry? Let Flash come to your rescue and bring you an award winning authentic Itlaian style pizza from none other than TUMMY restaurant in Val Claret.


So, there you have it- the presence of a resident superhero has been officially confirmed! He’ll deliver to anywhere in Tignes, so don’t hesitate to call TUMMY on 04 79 22 00 35 to order your takeaway pizza, and Flash will zap to your front door in a…Flash!

Click here for more info on Tummy, and the delightful treats they have in their cosy restaurant.

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