Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 23.02.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
As I sit here waiting for ‘Doris’ to come knocking on the door I can see through the wonders of the tinterwebs that you are having a great day out in resort. Enjoy it, because tomorrow will be nothing to write home about! The clouds will thicken through the evening and it should start snowing around midnight, it will also be very windy overnight at altitude, so expect the shutters to rattle. Tomorrow will be cloudy and the snow will reduce in intensity to light snow in the morning. The sky will be overcast all day, with the wind and around 5-7cm of new snow. Expect a progressive opening of the lifts as the pisteurs get to work. It will feel very cold compared with today. Normal service is resumed on Saturday, a sunny day with light winds at height (no snowmageddon on the roads).  The warmth will return with a vengeance on Sunday, but there will be a thin veil of cloud obscuring the sun, and the cloud should break up a bit in the afternoon. Monday will be one of sunny periods and light winds and a few fluffy clouds on the peaks. The weather changes dramatically into Tuesday, there will be 2 days of fast moving and potentially heavy snow showers. It will be windy throughout – head for the trees! The unsettled weather will then continue. We now come to that eternal question, the apps are generating big numbers (quelle surprise!). But a conservative mid estimate would be 30-40cm over the week. As ever, the apps will be wildly out and so might I!!!!

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