Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 16.02.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
 Well the parcel arrived, 3 days late but in the place where I’d wanted it to go originally. As I will be trying them tomorrow, anyone skiing across them in a queue is likely to be skewered by a sharp ski pole…..Another glorious day and boy, was it warm. I had changed to the spring jacket, but the gilet last 10 minutes and the roll neck another hour. There was very little left after that. To be fair, we were doing a bit of hiking with Evo2. We started with the Chardonnet which was like a moguled piste to start with. The snow now has really transformed into quite heavy stuff with a crust on it. After a trip round the pimples near Grand Huit (practically spring snow) we launched up the Col de Ves for the North Face of the Grande Balme, where the snow was excellent. So much so that we did it a second time after lunch. The rest of the afternoon was taken up skiing down Leisse (the bump field on piste is something to behold!) and finally the tongue of the glacier. Again, nice snow, but you really need to know where you are going. As we travelled on Vanoise, we could see the aftermath of a serious accident on Rimaye, the PGHM helicopter was just landing. However, the pisteurs had set up a barrier chicane and numerous pairs of crossed skis and had stationed a pisteur before the chicane. Clearly some idiots have no regard for those in desperate need and were trying to ‘schuss the obstacle course’. Luckily our pisteurs are made of strong stuff and we watched them rugby tackle two skiers to the ground. You could hear the dressing down from the chairlift!!Thin clouds are now gathering and these will thicken and lower through the evening. It looks like the front is not going to make it to us, so expect a mostly cloudy day tomorrow with the odd sunny period. The wind will pick up from the west in the afternoon, so just keep an eye on the links, especially if you are planning a getaway tomorrow night to avoid the 30000 cars going down the hill and 37000 coming up on Saturday (that is a peak week, the delays will be bad irrespective of the weather). Saturday itself will be pretty much like today when the few clouds disappear in the morning. Sunday – blue skies and sunshine and then 3 days of sunny periods and increasing temperatures. The end of the week looks a bit unsettled.

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