Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 10.02.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
The weather behaved itself today and we had the promised sunny periods, the sky is almost a perfect blue. There was a chill breeze at height, notably on the Borsat Chair! For a quick morning, we revisited the east face of Charvet. With the warmth yesterday it had already started to settle and on sunny facing slopes there was a thin crust after a bit of thaw and freeze. So it was good fun, though a bit hard on the legs. Poling back along the Manchet Valley to escape was warm work. After that we tried the north face of the Borsat, a bit wind scraped at the top but after a couple of turns it was great. During the afternoon the pistes in Super U were delightfully quiet!Tomorrow will be a bit like today, sunny periods and a hint of a breeze above 2700m. The cloud may thicken for a couple of hours over lunchtime to stop you getting sunburnt on the terrace. There might be a dusting of snow in the middle of the night, but Sunday will essentially be good with a thin veil of cloud well above the peaks, this should break up in the afternoon to leave a nice day. However, there will be a stiff wind at altitude which may close some lifts, it will be quite gusty. Monday should be nice low down as the temperature will rise by 3 or 4 degrees and there will just be a few clouds on the peaks; the pesky wind will remain at height. For Tuesday and Wednesday the current forecast will be for blue skies, sunshine and warm temperatures, up to 7 deg C in the villages at lunchtime, the winds will be light. Yes it looks like a few springlike days. However, there is some weather not far to the west, so I will be keeping an eye on its progress.

One thing I can forecast with certainty for tomorrow is traffic jams! With 34000 vehicles heading for the Tarentaise (not far off the highest I have seen) and 27000 going down t’hill there will be jams at peak times. Leave before 8am would be the best advice (or leave tonight). For once there should be no problems over here for those flying, unless the mist thickens a bit at Chambery. The issues will be in the UK, where all the airports (with the exception of Glasgow) are forecasting snow showers. They will be hit and miss and most will be light, but if a heavier one parks itself over your airport they may have to shut the runway to clear it off. Additionally, any snow on an aircraft will have to be removed by the de-icing teams which always causes a delay or two. Basically, the rule of thumb that Biggles applies is if he can see any visible solid slush or snow on the wings then it needs de-icing. There are pages and pages of detail in the operating manuals about temperatures and time at altitude, etc etc but in simple terms that’s it. Hopefully, they will be sparse and not many flights get affected. Doors to automatic and cross check!

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