Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 03.02.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
The calm before the storm! Well I think all the forecasters were caught out by the amount of sun this morning, so there was blue sky for about 3 hours so folks could enjoy the fresh snow (5cm in the village, up to 15 in Le Fornet). It was also quite a few degrees colder and there was a strong wind at altitude which closed the lifts on the Grand Motte. The cloud has thickened through the afternoon and the snow is now falling across both resorts. The wind has also picked up a lot.We are expecting moderate to heavy snow tonight, there will be a brief interlude in the small hours but the snow will be back by daybreak accompanied by a howling gale, this will continue throughout the day, a good 15-30cm of snow by tomorrow night. Initially the snow line will be at 1600m tomorrow dropping to 1100m in the afternoon. So you can expect a lot of lifts to be closed tomorrow and a good deal of avalanche prevention work, so probably no need to set the alarm clock. The avalanche risk for tomorrow is 4, the first time this season that this level has been used.  Be very careful off piste and make sure you are fully equipped before venturing beyond the poles. Sunday should bring lighter snow all day (10-20cm perhaps) and the winds will be lighter, the snowline around 1500m. On Monday the light snow will continue through the morning, there may be a glimpse of sun in the afternoon, together with a stiff breeze. After a cloudy start on Tuesday showers will develop in the afternoon with brief interludes of sunny periods, this pattern will continue into Wednesday, it will also be a bit more breezy.And dare I mention the travel…… As tomorrow is the first week of the French holidays there will be 31000 vehicles heading for the Tarentaise and 25000 leaving. An absolute peak week would be 37000, so there will be traffic jams anyway but with the snow expect a very slow climb into the resorts. Unfortunately, the regions on holiday this week are low lying ones so expect much snow chain buffoonery on the side of the road. Hopefully the police will get a firm grip on directing people into the chain areas. I think it goes without saying that the channel will be rough. For the air passengers it is going to be showery and windy in the UK, particularly north of Birmingham, so you could get wet crossing the car park, but the weather should not cause any delays. Over here, it will also be showery and gusty winds will blow around the showers near all 4 airports, so fasten your seatbelt tightly, it will be bumpy in the clouds and the winds for landing may mean a firm arrival. The only real problems will be at Chambery. They have a significant chance of showers with limited visibility which will cause delays if they occur. The winds will also be problematic with the direction swinging wildly, which could prevent take-offs or landings at certain times depending on which way it is blowing. Good luck everybody!

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