Stay Ski Fit

A few exercises or wellness treatments before and during your holiday can help prevent niggling pains or minor injuries from affecting your skiing. Here’s some advice from the team at Taylor’s Therapies on how to stay ski fit when it counts:

Most snow sports injuries are to the knee and they’re likely to happen during twisting motions. Spending some time strengthening the quadriceps around the knee ligaments will help stabilise and support them as you make your turns, land jumps or wipe out.

Try these wall squats:

How to stay ski fit

– Stand with your back straight against the wall, feet hip width apart and lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for up to one minute and repeat 2-3 times.

Take the stress off your knees by strengthening your gluteal muscles (buttocks) and hamstrings in your thighs.

Try this ‘glute bridge’ exercise:

How to stay ski fit

– Start lying on your back, arms at your sides. Draw your knees up, keeping your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart, until you can touch your heels with your fingertips. Flatten the curve in the lower back against the floor by pushing through the feet as you lift your hips up as high as possible, squeezing the glutes hard. Keep the belly button drawn in so you don’t hyper-extend your back. Squeeze the glutes for a few seconds at the top and lower back down.

Falls on the slopes often lead to injuries to wrists, shoulders and even the spine, so it’s important to work on your balance and core stability.

Try this plank exercise:

How to stay ski fit

– Start by getting into a press up position, arms extended and taking your weight. Bend the elbows and rest your weight onto the forearms. The body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Engage the core by sucking your belly button into the spine. Hold this position for as long as possible, then relax, repeating the sets as the core gets stronger.

Move on to a side plank with rotation, or ‘threading the needle’, which really preps the body for ski and snowboard motions.

Try these side plank rotations:

How to stay ski fit

– Start in a side plank, resting your upper body on one elbow positioned in line with the shoulder. Legs, knees, ankles and feet will be stacked. Tighten abs. Push the elbow into the floor as you lift your glutes and hips until the body is aligned from top shoulder to foot. Reach up with your free arm and extend. Once you can hold this for 60 seconds add in the side plank rotation. Bring down your extended arm and reach underneath your body, twisting the torso so it’s almost parallel to the floor. Rotate back to the side plank with arm up and repeat 10-12 times before switching sides. Don’t drop your head – keep it in line with your body at all times.


If you feel a nagging pain getting worse or a muscle strain that could affect your ski day, wellness and spa treatments can help.

Taylors Therapies offer treatments in your apartment, hotel or chalet.

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