Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 30.01.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
Well we did see the sun this morning but not for long! The sky progressively darkened and it was snowing very lightly from just after midday. There have been one or two showers that were a bit heavier, but it feels very damp outside so I suspect it is drizzling not far down the valley. With poor light in mind we spent most of the time down in the trees, including a couple of trips down to Les Brevieres, the red was fine. We did also launch down Sache, which is quite bare in places and could really do with a top up of snow. Luckily it is much less worn to the side of the piste poles, so with the odd excursion and a little bit of local knowledge the ski bases were saved.The weather remains quite tricky to predict at the moment, the timings of the various weather fronts are going to change so expect the ‘snowfall apps’ to have a fit this week and continue to change. But by the weekend Tignes and Val D’Isere are going to be parked smack under the jet stream, so it is going to be unsettled and maybe even stormy. However, the main jet stream has taken a more southerly route over the Atlantic then normal for this time of year so it is going to be quite mild, which will mean some rain for the resorts around 1400m or lower.

So with that in mind, tomorrow will be pretty much like this afternoon, cloudy with light snowfall on and off. The light will be flat and it will feel damp below 2500m or so. However, Wednesday looks smashing, sunshine all day and the freezing level will be well above the villages, the winds will be negligible. On Thursday the clouds look as though they are going to return, it will be flat light and relatively mild. Friday currently looks like a miserable day with thick cloud, a breeze and snow down to 1900m or so. This will drop to 1400m through the night. Saturday now appears to be snow showers down to between 1300 and 1900m, the wind will pick up a bit. Sunday looks stormy, more later in the week. So enjoy Wednesday and hopefully by next week we will have had a decent top up!

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