Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 15.01.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
A day to remember! With the very cold temperatures the snow was in fantastic condition. The Palafour had been pisted to perfection, so we had to put some tracks down that just to get warmed up. It was then off piste for the remainder of the day in the Palet Sector. A little local knowledge allowed us to be very close to the Col De Ves when it opened. It was a sobering ride up seeing the massive avalanches triggered by the pisteurs, crown lines of a couple of metres. So a modicum of discretion was required, however, we did see some reckless behaviour, I suspect powder fever had grabbed some of this year’s new seasonaires, one we saw was very lucky – I will leave it at that. But the snow was fantastic, not powder, but just fantastic. So much so that we endured the long slow ride 3 times (it was still about -13 C). After a quick coffee stop, via the airport run, we took the Lanches chair, conditions on the exposed flanks were less than fun but the gully to the side of Double M was aagin just dreamy. So about 1.10pm we retired home for a well earned rest and a warm up. It clouded over late afternoon and there are a few fine grains of snow bowing past the window.The Isere River through Val was ‘smoking’ this morning, a rare case of evaporation (or steam) fog where the air is so cold that the water vapour condenses immediately giving a ghostly air to the river. The air has to be at least 10 degrees colder than the water – this gives you an idea of how ‘baltic’ it is.

It looks like a high pressure system is about to dominate again, but, unusually, there will be wind too. So in terms of weather – easy peasy – for the next 5 days the sun will shine, there may be the odd cloud on the peaks. Tomorrow there will be a sharp northerly breeze, which will increase in the afternoon to a point where frost nip could be an issue and the highest lifts may close. Tuesday and Wednesday will see the wind shift to the east, but it wont be too strong so it may feel a little bit less cold. The daytime temperatures will be much milder on Thursday and Friday so it will be quite nice, but still cold enough to freeze your diesel overnight! Wrap up warm, enjoy the new snow but stay safe – avalanche risk 3 is still significant.

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