Tignes Val d’Isere Snow Report & Weather Forecast – 14.01.17

Meteo Mike Snow Reports Tignes Val d'IsereBy Meteo Mike
 After a short wait for the pisteurs to work their magic we were off. It is worth pointing out again the dangers they face to make us safe. There was an accident yesterday in Les Arcs with some avalanche explosives, the pisteur received non life threatening injuries to his legs – lets hope he has a speedy recovery. There were light showers of snow this morning but a howling gale above 2500m, the air was damp so pretty unpleasant on the face. We headed down amongst the trees to Brev and Boisses first thing, there is the odd pocket of powder but it was mostly just fresh snow which required a degree of effort to ski. As the lifts opened progressively we went higher, the snow was very varied from 30cm of fresh to areas that had been scored by the wind, leaving the hard pack of earlier in the week. As it was hard work we needed fortifying by an Aspen Burger for lunch. Suitably charged we then set about the Palet Sector, the snow was better lower down and there was a hint of the sun. Again very variable, the best snow being the 40cm of untracked just to the left of the Carline piste. At about 2pm, the light suddenly went, when we had all been upside down twice we decided on discretion rather than valour. We have had light snow since.

Just a word on safety, snow chains were obligatory this morning, it was all over the radio and social media. The Police were by the old garage turning dozens of cars back, causing a traffic jam as people struggled in the snow – why not put them on in the warmth of the carpark? Why cause mayhem and risk your life?? Secondly, until about lunchtime Tommeuses was shut but despite banners blocking the access to the pistes people were still skiing down. I hope they had an expensive taxy ride home. You may think you know better – you don’t!

The light snow will continue until early evening and the sky will partially clear. The wind will abate thankfully, and we will be left with sunny periods, but it will be very cold in any breeze. The clouds will thicken, a bit like today and we may get a light shower in the afternoon. Monday and Tuesday will see sunny periods with clouds on the peaks, but again it will be fridgid with lunchtime temperatures still in minus double figures. The easterly wind will build in strength on Tuesday afternoon and remain for a couple of days Brrrrrr. It will be mainly sunny on Wednesday and Thursday and a little less cold, not that you would notice it in the wind.

For those flying tomorrow the weather across the UK will be damp and miserable. However as the warm air is coming in from the north there is a chance of early snow showers around London until mid morning which could slow things up a bit. There is also a chance of fog at Luton. Over here it is pretty much like today with a chance of a snow shower, which may delay things a little. Just like today, there was a bit of ‘holding’ and 3 or 4 diversions as showers went through. By mid morning it will have turned to rain showers at Geneva which will make it easier for aircraft operations but a miserable walk across the tarmac. Still you are in for a good, if chilly week. tTe UK jourmalists wil have to find something else to doom monger about Wink

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