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If you’re looking for something a little different to eat in Tignes this Winter check out TUMMY in Val Claret. The restaurant opened last year for the first time, and is the brainchild of childhood friends Thomas and Cedric. This cosy eatery has their combined passion of fast, simple, high quality, home-made food at its heart. The menu itself might not, at first glance, appear particularly revolutionary, but it is the finer details that make TUMMY stand out.

TUMMY in Val Claret

The focus is on quality and authenticity, produce is carefully selected from trusted suppliers, both locally and across the border in Italy. “We’re not afraid to use the best French and Italian artisan suppliers.” says Cedric. “The ethos of our restaurant is to create homemade food of the highest possible quality, and we do this by selecting the best ingredients for each dish. We prepare the sauces for our pasta each morning from scratch, hand cut our chips every day, burger buns are delivered daily from the best bakery in the region- Maison Chevallot, organic fruit juice and lemonade were especially chosen from Lot in the South-West of France because fruit tastes sweeter there. We hand make all our desserts, even the mayonnaise we serve is always homemade!”

TUMMY opens its doors every morning at 9am for coffee, delicious juices and delightful pastries. Situated at the Place du Curling in the heart of Val Claret, and also a stone’s throw from the bottom of the Tuffs chairlift (the meeting point for many Ski Schools), TUMMY is in an ideal spot to grab breakfast on the go, or to stop for a mid morning snack, or indeed lunch! They have a well equipped terrace, with heaters and cosy blankets, that will capture more and more of the sun’s rays as the season goes on. Inside there is a small but comfortable dining area that feels cosy, yet sophisticated and modern. The lunch and dinner menus are the same, and on offer there are gourmet burgers, authentic Italian pizzas, organic soups, a daily pasta dish and a smattering of more traditional Savoyard offerings. Every single item on the menu, without exception, is homemade or produced by artisans.

Pizza is new on the menu this year, and is the result of a trip to Italy this summer “We spent three weeks in Italy gathering the best authentic Italian Pizza recipes, and training with the Vice Champion Pizza chef in the world”. It was here that they were taught how to make a genuine Italian pizza base, which sounds like a very scientific process! “The dough needs enough time to ferment and rise at the correct temperature. Not enough time, or too high or low a temperature and the dough will suffer”. A great dough is the key to a great pizza. “Pizza delivery throughout Tignes is a new challenge for us this year. We wanted a wider audience to experience what a high quality authentic pizza should taste like.”

pizza delivery

Between 3 and 6pm it is officially tea time at TUMMY, and boy is tea time at TUMMY a treat. Their hot chocolate is to die for. Produced by a French master chocolatier, it is rich, velvety, and sure to warm the cockles of your heart on even the chilliest of days. Genuine Belgian waffles, just as delicious plain, with chocolate, with hand-whipped cream or a decadent combination of the two, provide a tantalisingly opulent accompaniment.

TUMMY hot choc


So, why Tignes? Why now? “We have had a desire to work together on a project in Savoie for a while. One of us previously worked as a private ski instructor and was the creator of a concierge service business in Courchevel, the other, a professional from the restaurant industry. Two profiles that compliment each other and are the driving force behind TUMMY. We found that in the mountains there are a lot of older restaurants and cafes that don’t have any soul, and for whom the priority isn’t on sourcing great produce, or working to find the best flavours. You can’t ignore the regional specialties, which certain restaurants do incredibly well. That is certainly something that people will always look for in Savoie. However,  we’ve recognised that as well as the traditional, clients are now looking for something a bit different”.

Fifteen years ago, you could easily have come on holiday to Tignes and not seen a single restaurant that wasn’t in a typical traditional style. These days people are looking for the same options as they have at home. “Times are changing- we can all see it! Restauranteurs are now having to use their imagination to find a place in the market. Current trends are evolving. What people are most concerned with these days is ‘Eating Well’, so being able to trace where their food has come from, homemade food, organic produce, gluten free options. They want to find the same standard of quality that they are used to at home.” TUMMY has responded to this demand by providing a small and carefully crafted menu, on which the emphasis is on homemade, nutritious and delicious food at very reasonable prices.

For an insider’s opinion I asked Cedric and Thomas what their favourite item from the menu was.

“For me it’s the TUMMY Pizza.” Cedric told me. “The dough that makes the base is incredible, and it’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty with the parmiggiano and the honey complimenting each other beautifully.”

“Mine is the Girly Burger. Real Italian mozzarella with bold pesto sauce in a part brioche bun, and proper steak from the butcher. Delicious.”

Cedric and Thomas


Cedric and Thomas look forward to welcoming you to their restaurant, and are sure that you won’t leave disappointed. To book a table, or order a takeaway pizza give them a call on 04 79 22 00 35, or pop down to central Val Claret and see them in Place du Curling.

Keep an eye on our events pages for any special offers or soiree’s they might be running over the course of the Winter.


Bon Appetit!



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