Ski With A Mojo Master: Use The Force

They may sound like characters from the new Star Wars film, but Mojo Masters are actually masters of skiing rather than Jedi knights.

They’ll be available in resorts near you to help you have a go of the Ski-Mojo ‘power assisted skiing’ leg supports and guide you round the mountain.

Ski-Mojo is a kind of exoskeleton with knee supports and powerful springs, which take the strain off your legs, reduce hip or knee pain and provide extra power to your turns. This allows you to ski longer and can completely revolutionise skiing for people with muscular problems.

Read more about the device here.

Now Ski-Mojo test centres have been spread across the French mountains this season so that anyone heading out on a ski holiday, who has been wondering about how the Ski-Mojo might help them with their skiing, can now try it. Resorts include Tignes, Val d’Isere, Les Arcs and La Plagne.

Official Mojo Masters are available to provide fitting and guidance in resort and will ski with anyone testing the product for up to 45 minutes. The Mojo Masters are all competent skiers who know the area well and can take testers to the most appropriate terrain so they get a feel for the product.

One of the Mojo Masters is former French World Cup ski racer, Melanie Lenoir:

The Ski-Mojo is a fantastic product for helping anyone to ski longer and I’m really looking forward to working with it this winter and helping skiers test it out.

If a tester would like to purchase the Ski-Mojo then it can be done directly with the Mojo Master at the normal retail price of 560€, but it’s also possible to rent one for a longer period of time – prices are as follows: 1 day, 50€; 2 days, 70€, 3 days, 90€; 4 days, 110€; 5 days, 120€; 6 days, 130€.

About the Ski-Mojo Tests

The Ski-Mojo devices are available to test for a minimum of half a day and up to a full day if required. Mojo Masters will help to fit any tester and remain with them for up to 45 minutes. A full deposit of 560€ might be required to test the Ski-Mojo. If a purchase of the Ski-Mojo is made after the test then there’s no extra charge for the test or the Mojo Master’s time – if no purchased is made, a 50€ charge for the day’s rental will be charged. If a tester is renting the Ski-Mojo for more than one day then a 50€ purchase of the neoprene support is required.

Anyone wishing to test out a Ski-Mojo should complete the on-line form that’s available here:

Alternatively, they can email for further information.

May The Force Be With You!

Katie Downs

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